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Anonymous said: BROWNSKIN <3


Anonymous said: Hi, I'm transferring to GSU next year... I live in the metro Atlanta area but I'm thinking about living on campus while I attend school. Do you think that it's better to live on campus? Also does financial aid cover housing?

although financial aid does indeed cover housing, I still wouldn’t recommend staying on campus. Overpriced for a jail house. 

bigsantbitch said: Your tumblr is ill.

thank you. 

Anonymous said: Hey. Since I kinda told you who I was, I was wondering if you could tell me who you are. It's only fair...

But but but. You’re on my page. My writings. Thats who I am. My pictures thats who I am. 

Anonymous said: You look extremely familiar. Did you go to Archer High?

no, dacula. 

Anonymous said: Really? I'm just a stand up guy who sees a beautiful combination of authenticity, creativity, and individualism.

:) but this doesn’t answer my question to who you actually are.


I’m not sure what about emotion turns me on in a way where I want saddle a waist and ride till I can’t anymore.

But whenever I’m angry, I want to ride out my anger.

Whenever I’m sad, I want to be filled till my water overruns.

I want to be choked after I cry and to choke when I’m blind with rage.

Maybe it’s the feeling of closeness, maybe I just want the emotion of choice dug out of me, maybe I’m crazy. Maybe this is my ovulating ovaries writing. 

The idea of being vulnerable flips a switch in me. 

No has broken my heart like I’ve broken it.

But it’s so hard to give half yourself when you solely believe in wholeness, all or nothing.

Supermarkets don’t sell half of an apple, or half of a strawberry. Half of an orange? We’ll sell it to you for half of the price. 

I’ve been drained, but I’ve always known how to replenish myself. Long years of teaching myself how to sketch back arms and legs, lungs and kidneys.

I’m tired of repainting masterpieces, although every one of them is more beautiful than the one before. 

I’ve never believed in giving up, and my disbelief in giving up has me holding on the wrong ones as I try to conquer their throne in their moss covered dark castles.

No one has touched me how I want to be touched, those meaningless strokes have rubbed me raw and I’m a bit tired of giving myself to people who don’t know how to give themselves. 

Accepting of what is given to me because of what? To say I made it? To say I won? 

Wisdom usually comes in the form of a woman. That woman should only love a warrior. 

I am wise. But I don’t only love warriors, I’ve loved thieves and men who hate themselves.

I am the only one to blame for my tears, my hurting heart and my shaking body. 

To be quite honest, I need a blunt. 

Anonymous said: I noticed you noticing me one day on campus some time ago. I must say that you are very, very intriguing. I would be interested in to getting to know you and judging by the look that you gave me that day you would probably be interested also. ;-)

Interesting, its quite rare for me to acknowledge anyone on campus.

So, who are you?