Anonymous said: Wha gwan love. You and I go to the same college. I see you every now and then. You are EXTREMELY attractive, stylish, eclectic, artsy, and unique to name a few things. When I first got to State I remember seeing you for the first time. I had never in my life witnessed a woman who embodies the true definition of beauty. It was a very life changing moment. I really would really love to meet you.

Wow, thank you. <3

Anonymous said: How long have you been going to State?

4 years I graduated. 

artdrugsnirvana said: Hola

Hello ! 

ik-childish said: I love your tumblr.

Thank you :)


Muse Style @AfroditeGold  Presidents Ball


Anonymous said: BROWNSKIN <3


Anonymous said: Hi, I'm transferring to GSU next year... I live in the metro Atlanta area but I'm thinking about living on campus while I attend school. Do you think that it's better to live on campus? Also does financial aid cover housing?

although financial aid does indeed cover housing, I still wouldn’t recommend staying on campus. Overpriced for a jail house. 

bigsantbitch said: Your tumblr is ill.

thank you. 

Anonymous said: Hey. Since I kinda told you who I was, I was wondering if you could tell me who you are. It's only fair...

But but but. You’re on my page. My writings. Thats who I am. My pictures thats who I am. 

Anonymous said: You look extremely familiar. Did you go to Archer High?

no, dacula.